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Attempt to install debian-live-6.0.6-i386-xfce-desktop

Sorry to bother you but help is required please.

Computer is  Intel i5 with Asus P8B75-M motherboard, 2 gig memory.
Downloaded .iso image, burnt a dvd and booted.
The Debian installation screen came up and I selected the top option: Live
The screen displayed 6 lines each reading "Can't open /sys/block/*/removable. File does not exist"
And eventually dropped through to a shell
/live.log contained the same 6 line text message.
Another message "No supported file systems found at /line"
And it seemed as though it couldn't find the dvd...

There was a 'removable' file at /sys/block/sda/ so it should have been able to find it, I thought.

I then downloaded debian-6.0.6-i386-netinst.iso, burnt a dvd from that and had the same
 sort of result when I tried the installation.

There wouldn't be much doubt that I've done something wrong - please tell me what!
My current system is Mint Helena.
Need a nice new fresh system to enjoy.

Dave Dartnall

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