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Re: Grub error when bootstrap copy from wheezy

On 26/12/12 10:11 PM, linuxknow wrote:
> I replace grub legacy for grub2.
> in binary_debian_installer
> replace
>  DI_REQ_PACKAGES="lilo grub grub-pc"
> for
>  DI_REQ_PACKAGES="grub2"
> and in preseed.cfg
> grub-pc/mixed_legacy_and_grub2: true
> it's work

Yes, that will do the job in a pinch. However, you are really better off
using the version in sid, not the least reasons for which are that's the
one matching the doc at http://live.debian.net/manual-3.x and that's the
one that will ultimately go into wheezy for the release (pending the
unfreeze request we'll file). But also, if you want support, you should
use only Debian packages with no unofficial patches to them.


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