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Re: Note: xorriso will not produce ISO/HFS hybrids for powerpc

Hello Thomas,

Am 17.12.2012 22:03, schrieb Thomas Schmitt:
(Where can i see an genisoimage produced Debian Live image for
  powerpc ?)
rsync -avP rsync://www.it-infrastrukturen.ch/ftp/debian-live-sid-awesome-latex-PowerPC.iso .

This DVD image is however "a bit" outdated.

lacking the hardware to test if the images would actually work, there
never hasn't been any, sorry.
We face the same problem, obviously. :))

you can ask for porter access on one of the debian machines if you want to.
It would mean boot experiments.
I already shot the foot of George Danchev and myself by pre-maturely
asking for tests with HFS+ on debian-cd. It soon turned out that we
could not get it to boot with qemu-system-ppc. (Further it had to be
adapted to a hardcoded value in Linux kernel mount code.)

We need somebody who is willing to press the reset button (or turn
the yale key in the on-off-reset lock ?).
On a machine that boots the "stable" Debian "powerpc" ISOs.

I am subscribed to debian-cd mailing list. If sincere interest
arises in HFS (without "+") and Debian arch "powerpc", then one
could at least begin to make a plan there.
Does live build claim to support all hardware supported in standard debian distribution?

regards, Mark



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