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Re: Note: xorriso will not produce ISO/HFS hybrids for powerpc

On 12/17/2012 08:49 PM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> Thank you for flying xorriso.

thank you ;)

> xorriso does not produce HFS filesystems.

that's not a problem for now (powerpc isn't in a workable state anyway,
we're releasing the live images for wheezy for amd64 and i386 only).

after wheezy, when we'll cleanup the xorriso usage within live-build,
we'll be either updating the powerpc stuff or dropping it completely.

> How important is the "powerpc" architecture ?

there's one user on the list that wanted to use it, otherwise.. it's a
dying architecture and i personally don't really care about, no new
consumer hardware can be bought anyway.

> Is there an opportunity to test xorriso produced ISO/HFS hybrids ?

you can ask for porter access on one of the debian machines if you want to.

personally i do currently not have access to a powerpc desktop or
notebook, and nobody provided patches interested in powerpc. so from a
live specific point, i doubt there's going to happen anything wrt/ powerpc.

> (Where can i see an genisoimage produced Debian Live image for
>  powerpc ?)

lacking the hardware to test if the images would actually work, there
never hasn't been any, sorry.

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