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Live-config: xinit runs when it should not

Noticed some very odd behaviour with a custom live-image (wheezy, using live-* from sid) It has non-standard runlevel tweaks which do not work as expected (although I believe they are properly configured) and other deviations

A display manager has been set, however xinit still runs. As my custom stuff is supported by nobody but me I looked at (official)


and saw it is the same: stat files for both lightdm and xinit are in /var/lib/live/config

I can see in the DM scripts that if a DM is detected:

export  _X11

As far as I can tell from the debug log, the xinit script does not see $_X11 ... Then /etc/profile/zz-live.sh gets written

At the moment, to get things to behave, I'm using a custom live-config script to disable xinit. Not an ideal solution.

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