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Re: [WORKING] Almost working...custom kernel with local apt repository as recommended in manual

On 10/22/2012 06:46 PM, Amit wrote:
> Can I build kernel 3.6 by customizing debian:src kernel package?

3.6.3 is supposed to be uploaded to experimental tonight.

>  3. I did built with --initrd but as I mentioned in the previous mail,
>     initramfs tools are downloaded and installed after linux-image so in
>     order to get it to work I had to add a hook that did the following:

the handling of the kernel packages is rather inflexible, in live-build
4 (for jessie), we'll fix that by removing the logic in favour of a flat
package list, but until then.. that seems to be the only workaround for
using kernel-package built kernel images.

> The debconf-set-selections was needed so that I did not get a prompt.

more future-prof is to export DEBCONF_FRONTEND=non-interactive and
DEBCONF_PRIORITY=critical accordingly in your script.

>  4. And had to add the following option to lb config: --apt-options
>     "--yes --force-yes".

if your packages were not in a singed repo, yes.

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