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Re: Re: Re: display a splash image before startup a live system

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 3:11 PM, upiter77@lycos.com <upiter77@lycos.com> wrote:
> BTW I've tried, but get errors on my wheezy:
> sh: 1: dpkg-source: not found
> Unpack command 'dpkg-source -x syslinux-themes-debian_11-1.dsc' failed.
> Check if the 'dpkg-dev' package is installed.
> E: Child process failed

Obviously you need additional software to achieve your goal. In this
case 'dpkg-dev' but in order to follow that procedure, you'll need all
the other developer packages to create the .deb (build-essential,
debhelper, devscripts...) Besides, you shouldn't run those commands as
root :)

Now, while "There is more than one way to do it" if I were you, I
would follow Daniel's advice:

 On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 7:55 AM, Daniel Baumann
<daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> wrote:
> put it either, as chals said, in config/includes.binary or use a local
> syslinux configuration template in config/bootloaders/isolinux. see
> /usr/lib/live/build/binary_syslinux for more information.

By the way, if you have live-build installed you must have
binary_syslinux in your host too, but anyway:


> Can you pls zip these all syslinux files and send me by mail, this will be
> really very helpfull.

It is just an slightly modified syslinux theme, nothing special.

And again, good luck ;)


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