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Re: Debian-live systems with encrypted live-media device - what do you specify for the live-media boot parameter?

On 09/20/2012 05:24 PM, Steve R wrote:
> I would love to be able to contribute back to the project! But like many other users, I suspect my
> programming skills are hardly up to the task. That said, I am more than willing to put in the
> effort. Can someone guide me on where to start looking and some ideas to what might be required.
> I understand it probably is asking too much, but this guidance would be very helpful and would give
> me an opportunity to hopefully contribute.

Whether or not you end up contributing, you can at least browse the source online at
http://live.debian.net. The package you particularly want to look at which sets up such encryption
support as we have so far is live-boot. Scroll down the page to "Source" at the bottom to find the
git repository to browse, or you can check the code out with:

git clone git://live.debian.net/git/live-boot.git


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