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RE: Trying to build netboot iso with live-* from unstable

Apt pinning the packages in unstable worked! So now I have the netboot system building and booting but it gets to a certain point in the boot process and starts reporting "Authentication failure". I assume it's trying to log in as a user with invalid credentials? Have you experienced this before?

Thanks again :)

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Even though you have installed live-* packages from unstable to your build host, they still pull live-* packages from testing during the build process.

What you can do is to get those live-* packages from unstable manually and put them into your config/packages.chroot directory.

Hope this helps.

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 11:08 PM, Strickland, Carl <carl.strickland@intel.com> wrote:
> Hi Ben,
>>Specifically, install live-build from sid on your build system and 
>>include sid's live-boot, live-config and their dependencies (the 
>>backends) in your config as described in live-manual.
> I'm not sure how I would include those packages in my config. I 
> installed the unstable packages using "apt-get -t unstable install 
> live-build live-config live-boot".
> Using "--volatile false" resolved the build issue. Thanks! 
> Unfortunately I'm still dealing with the netboot issue which I think 
> was supposed to have been resolved in unstable.
> It still appears that the system isn't bringing up a network interface 
> before trying to mount the NFS share. I can't imagine what I'm doing 
> wrong :(
> Thanks,
> Carl

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