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Re: Debian Wheezy live images?

>>>>> Manfred Lichtenstern <manfred@lichtenstern.name> writes:


 > http://live.debian.net/manual/ is not working for me.

 > dig +trace live.debian.net:

 > live.debian.net.    3600    IN    CNAME    www.live-systems.org.

 > and for www.live-systems.org i get no IP.  DNS Error ?

	Apparently, there is some DNS inconsistency, for it works for

$ dig +short any live.debian.net www.live-systems.org 

	That being said, the “www.” DNS prefix is mostly useless
	nowadays, and (as it seems) a growing number of projects abandon
	it altogether.  (Consider, e. g., http://duckduckgo.com/,
	http://reprap.org/, etc.)

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