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Bug#683240: Proposed fix

package live-boot
severity 683240 important
tag 683240 + patch


I ran into the same problem, so I looked and I fixed it. Basically, in netboot mode the function do_netsetup() from the initrd /lib/live/boot/networking.sh tries to configure each interface listed in $DEVICE, but this list is empty, so it configured zero interface.

The interface selection was done before by Select_eth_device() from /lib/live/boot/select-eth-device.sh, which is called by mountroot() from /lib/live/boot/mountroot.sh, so we can use it here by sourcing /conf/param.conf where $DEVICE is saved.

This patch is a git-formatted one, based at debian/3.0_a35-1 so that it can be applied to the current testing version, but it can apply to the unstable version as well (better do that with a merge however, if you ask me). I cannot consider this bug as grave, but I still think it should really get fixed in testing, to avoid releasing a Debian Live which would be unusable in netboot mode, you may want to ask the release team about that.


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