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Bug#683240: Wheezy live-boot (PXE) fails to bring up network interface.

Hi David,

I've had a similar issue (I think) and it was reported on the list by Jim Richardson here:

I haven't been able to resolve it and mailed my own follow-up to that message to the list here:

Can you confirm two things for me?

- live.cfg has parameters netboot=nfs and nfsroot=
- Can you execute the following commands successfully at the fail prompt?
>ipconfig eth0
>mount -o nolock -o ro /live/image
>ls /live/image

The first will confirm that we have the same setup as used in the above mailing list post (I think, since I'm getting the same error). The second will confirm that we can all manually set up our networks, mount our nfs paths, and view their contents but that it isn't happening automatically.

I'm more than happy to provide any additional information I can or help debugging this, but I've yet to receive a response from someone who can point me in the right direction.

Carl Strickland

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