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Bug#683240: Wheezy live-boot (PXE) fails to bring up network interface.

Package: live-boot
Version: 3.0~a35-1

Following the Debian Live-Boot manual here:

I'm attempting to do a live-boot using PXE (network boot).

Everything seems to work fine until I get to the part where Debian Live mounts the NFS partition.

The DHCP/NFS/TFTP server is as

From the server, I used this config to build the live boot image:

lb config -b net --net-root-path "/srv/debian-live" --net-root-server "" --archive-areas "main contrib non-free" --mirror-bootstrap ftp://ftp.cn.debian.org/debian/ -d wheezy

From the server, I have these NFS exports set up:

From the server, I have this DHCP configuration options:

subnet netmask {
        filename "pxelinux.0";
        option domain-name-servers;
        option routers;
        option subnet-mask;

So then I have the thin-client start up and TFTP works as expected.

Then the thin-client gets to the part where it tries to bring up the ethernet card. 
Keep in mind the thin-client already pulled the Linux kernel from the server and ran it
from TFTP.

It freezes for a solid minute at this screen....

After which it gives me this screen...

I tried to ping but it said Network wasn't reachable. 
I checked dmesg and the kernel *IS* finding the Realtek Ethernet hardware and assigning it eth0.

So then I used ifconfig to manually set an IP address ( and subnet mask (
for this thin-client.

Then I could ping no problem... But I'm not sure how to resume the Live Boot process..
Why doesn't Live Boot use DHCP to bring the network interface up so that it can then connect to the NFS server? I *KNOW* DHCP is working on the server because the thin-client's BIOS already used DHCP to get the kernel via TFTP.  I'm thinking this has got to be a bug with live-boot, but keep in mind this is my first time attempting to create Live Boot images.

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