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Bug#681261: live-build: please don't leave an empty fstab in chroot

On 07/13/2012 07:16 AM, Rui Bernardo wrote:
> 	When removing fstab for live-installer also touch an empty file 
> 	for it to avoid other packages failing on non-existing fstab.

because otherwise e.g. update-initramfs goes nuts, which is why we
truncate it.

> in lb_chroot_hacks clearly creates an empty fstab. It _is_ this empty 
> fstab that breaks live-installer, and by consequence, debian-installer.

so send a patch, or wait until someone else fixes it.

but please stop complaining, it is how it is in live-build and its on
purpose. we know that, and we'll adapt any other stuff at some point.

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