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Bug#681261: live-build: please don't leave an empty fstab in chroot

severity 681261 normal
retitle 681261 update fstab even if non-existent (possibly fstab.d too)
reassign 681261 partman

On 07/11/2012 09:18 PM, Rui Bernardo wrote:
> when installing to disk, with live-installer and using a multiple
> partition schema in partman, the presence of an empty fstab in the
> squashed filesystem breaks the fstab that is created by partman.

as i said on irc some month ago when you first reported this, this is
not a bug in live-build, we do not want an fstab on purpose.

d-i (or partman) do need to handle that properly, ideally by using
fstab.d as of wheezy anyway.

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