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Netboot - Unable to find a live file system on the network

Hopefully this isn’t a repeat, I have had some email issues :(


For the last several days I have attempted to get a live netboot image to boot. I continue to get the same results.


I use the following command:


Lb config –b net –net-root-path “/srv/nfs/lte” –net-root-server “x.x.x.x” –bootappend-live “utc=no timezone=America/Chicago”

Lb build


When the image is completed, the required kernel append option in the /tftpboot/live.cfg do not contain any of the server boot information, and the image tries to boot from a removable device.


When I configure the live.cfg correctly using:

                append initrd=/live/initrd1.img boot=live config utc=no timezone=America/Chicago netboot=nfs nfsroot=x.x.x.x:/srv/nfs/lte


I get the system to attempt to boot, but it fails repeating this message:

Connect: Network unreachable

NFS over TCP is not available from


/run does not contain a net-eth0.conf file


Running ipconfig eth0 does create one and from there I can ping and mount my nfs store with my live image in place.


When I type exit at the initramfs prompt the system kernel panics and


It seems like the live-boot is confused between what is expected either /live or /live/image


Can someone point me to the direction of my failure?



Building system Wheezy

Live-build 3.0~a51-1


I have these packages in my packages.chroot:




LiveCDs boot perfectly, netboots and extracted liveCDs do not.



-Jim Richardson


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