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Re: Fastest way of creating a custom Debian live iso?

Hi Louis

In the lernstick distribution (based on Debian Live, see http://www.imedias.ch/lernstick/lernstick_en ) we have implemented such a feature (minus the choice of architecture, i386-only so far). You can download, burn and boot the iso file, install it onto a writable storage media of your choice (usb flash drive, sd memory card, hard drive, ...), customize it to your needs, including setting up of printers, wlan access, desktop backgrounds, browser start page, the position of KDE plasmoids on the desktop, whatever you can imagine... and then you can convert it back to your own customized iso file. Feel free to mail or call me if you want to know more about it.

JFTR: Yes, for knowledgeable system builders it is *much* better to use live-build, but the top-down approach we also offer is the only viable choice for our user group.

Best regards

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