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Re: Simple default ISO generation fails

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 5:36 PM, Daniel Ellison <daniel@syrinx.net> wrote:

Thanks, Daniel! So when building a wheezy ISO on a wheezy system, if I pin like this in chroot_apt/preferences:

Package: live-boot live-boot-initramfs-tools live-config live-config-sysvinit
Pin: release n=sid
Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: *
Pin: release n=sid
Pin-Priority: 1

that bug should be covered?

If you want to pin packages from sid in wheezy I would recommend you using a wildcard as explained in live-manual

Package: live-*

Instead of pinning packages by name. Because if you do not turn off apt recommends it will also install  live-tools from sid instead of from wheezy


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