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Bug#664053: Unable to eject CD after booting with 'toram' option

Package: live-config
Version: 3.0~a32-1

After booting a Debian live CD based on sid or wheezy and specifying the 'toram' option, pressing the eject button on the CD-ROM drive does not eject the CD. The CD can be ejected by running 'eject /dev/sr0' and the Debian live CD appears to be running from RAM correctly.

Booting a Debian live CD based on squeeze (live-config 2.0.15-1) works as expected; the CD is ejected when the eject button is pressed.

I created the ISO image by visiting http://live-build.debian.net/cgi-bin/live-build and choosing 'iso-hybrid', 'sid' and 'minimal' standard options.

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