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Re: Open issue with syslinux support in lb3 / wheezy?

On 03/14/2012 08:39 PM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> Even with the simplest configuration the created binary-hybrid images
> don't boot when the "--syslinux-theme debian" config option is on.

19:42:15 < dba> ironm: we've already told you
19:43:30 < ironm> chals, thank you. Yes .. I read also the manual page
of lb_config
19:43:54 < ironm> I can't follow you dba. What have you told me already?
19:44:23 < ironm> anyway .. I will check it again
19:44:59 < dba> that you shoudn't use s-t-debian atm.

and you got bonus points for wasting time twice, writing on the
malinglist, not waiting for answers, and asking basically at the same
time on irc as well.

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