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Bug#653673: the live-config init.d script should depend on mountkernfs

On 12/31/2011 06:14 AM, Andrei Purdea wrote:
> --exposed-root is supposed to mount / as read-only.

..and make those directories rw that need to (which then would need to
include /tmp; but that's an issue from squeeze->sid that needs handling

> RAMTMP is on by default in wheezy too.

[ naturally, yes. but we don't upload to wheezy, only to sid (and
testing gets whatever unstable has with some delays), so testing can be
ignored, we only care about stable and unstable at a time. ]

> Also another case where RAMTMP seems reasonable for a live system
> is if persistence is used. (another feature i haven't played around with
> yet, so I might be wrong)

right, but that's another issue.

i suggest we disable RAMTMP at build-time, and enable it at run-time
(by mounting tmpfs on /tmp manually through live-config, rather than
through mountkernfs) if there's persistency involved. in the case of
exposed root, /tmp is just another addition to the other rw directories.

that should cover all cases. any objections?

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