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Bug#653673: the live-config init.d script should depend on mountkernfs

tag 653673 - unreproducible

On 12/30/2011 09:04 PM, Andrei Purdea wrote:
> But live-config needs something too: It needs a writable /tmp partition.

which is ensured since / is writable (through aufs).

> And this /tmp partition can't be remounted while live-config is in execution,
> or otherwise temporary data in it will be lost.

right, so we need to make sure that cannot happen (automatically).

> Currently what happens is that mountkernfs.sh and live-config gets executed
> Concurrently. When the mount command happens to get executed right
> between the writing and reading of temporary data, then the temp data ends
> up in /live/cow/tmp/debconf.live (trough the aufs), and user-setup
> tries to read it from
> /tmp/debconf.live (which is now a pure tmpfs).

*iff* /tmp is a tmpfs, which it by default isn't (in squeeze), but in
sid. (jftr)

the only problem here remains that mountkernfs in sid does an automatic
tmpfs on /tmp (unless /tmp is configured in fstab).

since /tmp on a tmpfs for a live system has no merits in the first
place, it's save to disable that. and that can be done with RAMTMP=no in
/etc/default/rcS at build-time.

that seems to be the most non-invasive solution to me.

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