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Re: /etc/network/interfaces and snapshot persistence

Le 12/10/2011 19:56, Daniel Baumann a écrit :
I noticed that the file /etc/network/interfaces wasnt restored from the
snapshot. It seems that the file scripts/live-bottom/23networking from
the initrd overwrite the /etc/network/interfaces (not really sure). Is
this a bug or a limit of the snapshot-based persistence ?
23networking should handle that case, patches welcome.

I wonder how to fix properly this 23networking script.
Actually live-boot use the "ip" boot argument. If it's not defined, the manual explains that it will fall back to dhcp. But in the script, it s written like it will fallback to use the configuration files from the livemedia/persistent files. (but it fails)

So I m not sure about what should be the priorities between using media configuration files and using dhcp.

Another problem is that the files /etc/network/interaces and /etc/resolv.conf in the squashfs are empty except if they were provided at build time.

What do you think about this process :
If no ip is defined in boot arguments, use the configuration file from live media/persistency. If the file is empty, fall back to dhcp.


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