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/etc/network/interfaces and snapshot persistence


I m playing with snapshot persistence with live 2.0.15-1 on Squeeze. I didn't manage to build squeeze images with live 3.x (on wheezy or squeeze) because of a syslinux bug if I remember correctly, so I stick to live 2.0.15-1.

I noticed that when persitence is enabled and no dedicated partition is found, the /live/image is mounted in read-write mode. This allowed me to create snapshots on the live media partition. In my previous thread on this mailing list, I concluded that it was mandatory to use another partition to store snapshots, so is there someting wrong with storing snapshots on the same partition that the live system ?

I noticed that the file /etc/network/interfaces wasnt restored from the snapshot. It seems that the file scripts/live-bottom/23networking from the initrd overwrite the /etc/network/interfaces (not really sure). Is this a bug or a limit of the snapshot-based persistence ?

I think I ll write a hook to force another snapshot restoration to get the real /etc/network/interfaces file. Is there a better solution ?


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