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Re: --binary-images "tar" target Q

On 10/12/2011 06:22 AM, Tom Gall wrote:
> The lb_binary_debian-installer as you noted but the other is
> lb_binary_packagelists. The later is what bit me.

correct (and ftr, there was no way in guessing what you're doing since
you didn't give any information about your config, so --debian-installer
was the more likely cause, as it defaults to true).

> So if you have a *.list   located in package-list you'll get it.
> Changing that to .list.chroot fixed it up.
> This seems like a bug. [...] If *.list is tolerated,
> seems like that should default to chroot instead of binary.

i beg to differ, they don't 'default' to binary, rather the rule is: if
a config file in the config tree has a .chroot or .binary suffix, it's
only effective for that stage, if it has neither, it's effective for
both. and that's on purpose.

> The current docs located at :
> http://live.debian.net/manual/en/html/customizing-package-installation.html#374
> are also slightly out of date, still referencing the old
> chroot_local-packagelists and binary_local-packagelists.

known. live-manual will be updated soon to reflect the final 3.x config
tree layout.

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