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Re: integration of linaro-media-create

On 10/08/2011 06:56 PM, Tom Gall wrote:
> Until I started to wrap my brain around it, it was hard to comment constructively.

sure.. was just worried of something getting lost.

>  * you're adding LB_LMC_* thing, which is good in principle, but
>    i'd rather have it generic as an additional binary image type
>    along side of iso and hdd.
> That makes sense. There's plenty of commonality here and if one can
> map the existing parms usefully, that'd be perfect.
> linaro-media-create has two modes,  MMC which is output to SD media
> or output to an image file. The latter seems to be pretty much the
> same as hdd binary image type except that linaro-media-create is doing
> the heavy lifting.

it looks like Ben from Cannonical is a bit a head of you, please have a
look at the messages (no need to read the actual patches) of #643585,
copying the most relevant part:

  "General note about binary images types again:

  The idea of live-build is to generate different image types, such as
  iso images, hdd images, or netboot tarballs.

  images like you want to do are hdd images, without partition table,
  and without live packages installed (the latter being addressed
  through --system live|normal). so, rather than to add an other image
  type, code wise, the existing hdd image type should be extended to
  make yours possible.

  therefore, like i said in one of my mails before, we should handle
  such a new 'hdd-raw' image type as a sub-type to the hdd image type,
  just as iso-hybrid to iso is handled atm. please have a look at

  now, you'll say that you want to generate multiple binary images in
  one run. well, we want that too, we just didn't got arround to it (as
  you see, the resp. parameter is already in the plural form: --binary-

  the idea is that once we have support for multiple binary images
  types, you can e.g. do: lb config -b 'iso iso-hybrid hdd hdd-raw net'
  and you'll get 5 binary images as output, a regular iso image, a
  isohybrid image, a hdd image with partitions, a raw hdd image without
  partitioning, and a netboot tarball.

  keeping this stuff together that way ensure that we can keep the build
  time as minimal as possible by eliminating double work and not copying
  stuff multiple times over and over again.

  hope that makes it somewhat more clear."


 "> I'm going to spend a bit of time thinking about the binary-hdd-raw
  > and binary-hdd-virt (to support qcow and vmdk's).

  note that they should all be 'seperate' formats, such as hdd-raw,
  hdd-qcow, hdd-vmdk etc. otherwise, we can't (even try) to build them
  in one shot."

also, please have a look at lb a35 which contains some patches for armel
from Ben, i guess they are quite useful for you as well.


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