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Re: integration of linaro-media-create


I've been getting our linaro live-build sources caught up from a21 to
a34-1 this morning. Until I started to wrap my brain around it, it was
hard to comment constructively. Your questions:

 * you added LB_SKIP_KERNEL_AND_INITRD_SETUP in order to allow to
   skip installing a kernel. newer versions of lb3 do support that
   out of the box already when setting LB_LINUX_PACKAGES=none resp.
   using --linux-packages none.

Good to see. It'll get dropped.

 * you added LB_PACKAGES back again, why?

I was being lazy to keep compatibility with how we've done things in
the past. As I am moving things forward I think we'll be able to drop.

 * you're adding LB_LMC_* thing, which is good in principle, but
   i'd rather have it generic as an additional binary image type
   along side of iso and hdd.

That makes sense. There's plenty of commonality here and if one can
map the existing parms usefully, that'd be perfect.
linaro-media-create has two modes,  MMC which is output to SD media
or output to an image file. The latter seems to be pretty much the
same as hdd binary image type except that linaro-media-create is doing
the heavy lifting.

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