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Re: installer kernel


so i started again in a fresh folder and evrything, with a21 on a clean wheezy install. I still end up with the following when calling "gksu debian-installer-launcher":

Kernel version mismatch
Live system kernel and installer kernel don't match
The installer can only be used if the kernel versions of the live system (3.0.0-1-686-pae) and of the installer (2.6.32-5-486) are the same.
Please reboot with the correct kernel (2.6.32-5-486).

In my logs I dont have any mention of 2.6.32-5 which is very interesting. Here are the exact configurations i use:

lb config --architecture i386 \
--archive-areas "main non-free" \
--debian-installer-distribution daily \
--debian-installer live \
--debian-installer-gui true \
--hostname "vanillux"\
--distribution "wheezy"\
--iso-application "Vanillux Live" \
--iso-publisher "Vanillux foundation; http://vanillux.org; vanillux-live@vanillux.org" \
--iso-volume "vanillux-i386-live-"$(date +%Y%m%d) \
--linux-flavours "686-pae" \
--username "vanillux-live-user" \
--security false \
--syslinux-theme vanillux-desktop \
--volatile false \

#Add more configs
cp -v ../data/vanillux.key config/chroot_sources/vanillux.chroot.gpg
cp -v ../data/vanillux.source config/chroot_sources/vanillux.chroot
cp -v ../data/vanillux.list config/chroot_local-packagelists/vanillux.chroot.list
cp -v ../data/vmlinuz.i386.binary config/binary_local-hooks/vmlinuz.sh

#Begin of the build cycle
lb build

Thank you

On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 2:33 PM, Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> wrote:
On 09/26/2011 07:35 PM, Fabrice Quenneville wrote:
And still got the error saying the live session was on kernel 3.0 and
the installer 2.6.32.

then either your build is unclean, or something else is wrong in your config. i suggest you rule out the 'unclean' build issue first.

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