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Re: support findiso [Was: Grml.org patch bomb]


Daniel Baumann wrote (04 Aug 2011 19:17:32 GMT) :
>> 07_support_findiso.patch

> misses manpage entry

Grml folks, would you mind:

  - adding needed doc to the manpage
  - replacing "grep -q /live/findiso /proc/mounts" with mountpoint
    (+ adding to the initramfs using copy_exec)

... and resubmitting? Seems like these two minor changes are all
that's needed to merge this patch into upstream live-boot, which I'd
like to do.

> and please do the silencing of the umount call in a seperate
> commit/patch, so that it can (if needed) reverted independently from
> the fromiso thing.

I extracted and pushed this part (commit 2d4d31b in debian-next).

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