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Re: remount boot media with RW flag

На 1.09.2011 22:22, Daniel Baumann написа:
On 09/01/2011 09:15 PM, Axel wrote:
The flash device is the one on which I install syslinux and the
tarball (generated with lb build).

ah, so it's the live media.

Then I boot on this device. I still dont know which script mount it
as readonly, I assumed it was an intended behaviour. I ll take a look
to find it.

so you would like to access the live media under /live/image/* RW,
right? if so, we can surely make that a boot option, but the default
should stay RO.

RO mounting is normal for RO media like CDs or DVDs.
Shoudn't it be the other way around for usb-hdd image?

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