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Re: remount boot media with RW flag

Le 02/09/2011 03:35, Ed Dixon a écrit :
This may help, Daniel dropped a hint about using ext formatted files
as persistent storage in the 2.0 documentation and for me it has
worked like a charm. I can create an image file to use with
persistence on anything but NTFS so the 4G limitation applies but then
still browse to live image where on the USB device root still has RW.
I hope this is helpful. It has allowed me to continue to use the USB
storage in Windows and still access and use the same storage when
booted into Debian Live from the same device. A feature I hope
continues with the 3.0 evolution...

My project is a system with OS installed on the live media (a compact flash device). The data is saved on hard drives thanks to the full persistence mode of Debian Live. I d like to have some minimal configuration files available when the hard drives fail. I first thought about creating a snapshot file on the live media, but it s mounted as RO. So if it s mounted as RW, snapshot persistence may work on it though I still need full persistence at the same time ? Then I wondered if creating another partition on the live media would allow me to create snapshots files on it AND to use full persistence on hard drives at the same time.
In a perfect world, I would :
- use both snapshot & full persistence on different devices
- save snapshots on live media device

This would require that
- both persistence modes can be enabled at the same time
- live media is mounted as read-write (or I use another partition)

Are those requirements something that should be provided by Debian Live or should they rely on scripts/hacks specific to my project ? The use case I describe may seems very specific. I ll make some tests to find what is currently working.

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