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Bug#637979: live-build: Assumes gzipped initrd although the default is lzma

Package: live-build
Version: 3.0~a29-1


building a live CD with the experimental version currently fails with

$ sudo /usr/share/live/build/scripts/build/lb_binary_disk
P: Begin installing disk information...

gzip: ../binary/casper/initrd.img-3.0.0-8-generic: not in gzip format
cpio: verfrühtes Ende des Archivs

This happens when I leave LB_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION to the default (which is
lzma) instead of setting it to "gzip".

./scripts/build/lb_binary_disk calls

    zcat "../../${INITRD}" | cpio --quiet -id conf/uuid.conf

which assumes that the initramfs is in gzip format.

Unfortunately "file" does not (yet?) recognize an lzma stream, so
perhaps this should do a "case" statement based on
$LB_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION, and use zcat vs. lzcat?



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