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Re: live.cfg menu item in syslinux theme not working

* Daniel Ellison wrote:
> On 11-06-20 02:35 PM, Daniel Ellison wrote:

>> For the moment I've renamed the two files back to vmlinuz and initrd.img
>> and have installed that hook. I'm running the build again in the off
>> chance that it works this time :)

> Holy &^%&!! That worked! Hmmm... I don't like things that just start 
> working for seemingly illogical reasons.

> But I'm not complaining.

IIRC some BIOS versions are pretty picky regarding long kernel names
in isolinux/syslinux config (some years ago, around isolinux v3.11
there was a change that modified the behaviour WRT isolinux). Iff
you're interested in further debugging it you could try comparing
isolinux/syslinux versions (bisect it) and see whether it's a
specific version that breaks it for you.

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