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Re: invalid or corrupt kernel image

On 03/18/2011 10:35 AM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Yes, I saw that bit in your first message but didn't know the answer. I
> had hoped someone else did. I strongly suspect the README.txt just
> wasn't refreshed between the time we were doing the acceptance testing
> for the last candidate for the release and the time the release was
> built, that is all. These images are, to the best of my knowledge, built
> against the final release of the Debian Installer.

it is somewhat a chicken-egg problem, the installer texts are available
upon release, but we build the release with live-build from the release
itself. in 3.x, these things will be changed at some point relatively soon.

however, the actual stuff that matters (anything in pool/ and dists/
etc.), is the .0 release pf d-i, not rc2.

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