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Re: invalid or corrupt kernel image

On 18/03/11 05:16 AM, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Now I gave a "sync". But I have the same problem...
> I've created the disk as a normal user, I gave the sync also as a normal
> user. Is that OK?
> Somebody an idea what can be wrong?

Unfortunately, I'm out of ideas. If I think of something else I'll let
you know.

> The "README.txt" on the stick says it uses a release candidate of the
> installer, is that normal?
> -----
> Debian GNU/Linux squeeze-di-rc2 "Squeeze" - Official Snapshot i386
>                        NETINST Binary-1 20110121-20:12

Yes, I saw that bit in your first message but didn't know the answer. I
had hoped someone else did. I strongly suspect the README.txt just
wasn't refreshed between the time we were doing the acceptance testing
for the last candidate for the release and the time the release was
built, that is all. These images are, to the best of my knowledge, built
against the final release of the Debian Installer.


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