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Bug#614370: LB_BINARY_IMAGES "wrong"

On 02/21/2011 03:06 PM, bd@bc-bd.org wrote:
> Looks like my LB_BINARY_IMAGES was set "wrong"
> How about this patch:

thanks, but i think it's not the right way to "fix" it.

first, lb clearly documents which values are valid values as parameters
for the -b|--binary-images option. adding one that is called 'default'
(sic!) and failing on that with a warning doesn't make much sense. much
more sense would make to fail on all other values (which would be '*)'
in the case statement).

second, even when using the '*)' expression in the case statement, i
still think it's not the right way to fix it. lb should fail as early as
possible if the config is invalid. therefore, we do have a
'Check_defaults()' function in functions/defaults.sh.

and even there, i don't think we should fail hard (exit 1) on invalid
configs, but give a warning only: by that, we allow users to hook into
live-build for testing stuff and implementing additional features with
minimal changes required to lb itself. lb should only fail hard for
certain combinations that will never work (and we do have very few of
those, see Check_defaults in defaults.sh).


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