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Bug#614370: live-build: sysllinux failes with: mkdir: cannot create directory `': No such file or directory

please keep the bts in the loop, otherwise your answer gets lost (and
please write english, so others who don't understand german can follow
the issue as well).

On 02/21/2011 03:47 PM, bd@bc-bd.org wrote:
>> also, the bts is not a 'please debug the output i got', closing. if in
>> doubt, ask on the mailinglist first.
> hier soll keiner meinen output debuggen. live-build stürzt(e) reproduzierbar ab.
> wie im original report geschrieben, auch mit nach einem lb clean.

[translation: nobody needs to debug the output. live-build reproducible

like i wrote in the original report, it crashes, even after an lb clean.]

in order to be able to fix bugs, we first need to be able to reproduce
it. in order to reproduce it, we need to first make sure, as the manual
says in detail, a) that you can reproduce it yourself and b) that you
give us enough information to reproduce it ourselfs.

for a), you're advised (as ben said) to rebuild from scratch with 'lb
clean --purge && lb build'. for b), a start would be to give the lb
config call you used.

> wie auch immer, ein patch und eine control@b.d.o mail hängen wohl noch in einer
> queue fest, nach den reaktionen gehe ich aber nicht davon aus, dass ihr daran
> interesse habt ...

[translation: however, a patch and a message to control@b.d.o seem to be
still in the queue, according to the answers i assume that you don't
have any interest in it...]

well, we're always interested in patches..

> 	stefan

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