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Re: debian-squeeze-live-rc2-amd64-xfce-desktop.iso

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On Sat, Feb 05, 2011 at 12:41:51PM +0000, Chris Bell wrote:
>   I have downloaded the iso image three times from
>and attempted to burn it four times, but each time K3b halts just before the
>end of write and eventually gives an error. I have tried most of the other
>images for amd64 and i386 and they appear OK.

Hi Chris,

Sorry to take so long to respond to you; it's been a bit busy lately
with the squeeze release and all...

The rc2 amd64 xfce live image (now moved to the archive area of
cdimage.d.o) looks like it's just too big to fit on a normal CD any
more, and that's the most likely cause of your problem:

$ ls -al debian-squeeze-live-rc2-amd64-xfce-desktop.iso
-rw-r--r--+ 1 debian-cd debian-cd 847249408 2011-02-02 03:06  debian-squeeze-live-rc2-amd64-xfce-desktop.iso

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