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Re: Live Build problems


On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 7:24 PM, dave boland <dboland9@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> This afternoon I use the web tool to make a live build so I could get
> KDE in a CD size (and because it looks really cool!).  I was impressed
> with the system,

Glad you like.

> but the results were not so good, and I could use some
> help.  Attached is the information from the live build if that is of any
> help.

Ok lets see if we can assist.

> When I booted the live CD the software started to complain about ata2
> (error -5 and -16), and UTF not recommended for FAT.  Same results in
> Safe Mode.  First question -- why was the hard drive being checked to
> begin with? This is a livecd, not an install CD.  There is no ata2, so
> the software (I hesitate to call it the installer because I was not
> installing any software) got this really wrong.
> Similar question about FAT -- who cares -- this a live CD not an install
> CD.
> I would really like to test drive Debian, but I need a live CD that
> boots correctly, so any help would be appreciated.

So did it boot to kde?

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