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Bug#544192: Building a case for the need for a debian-live pseudopackage

On Tue, 08 Feb 2011, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Don Armstrong wrote:
> > Pseudopackages are used as a place for bugs which have no other
> > home. In these cases, there is a specific home for the bug
> > (live-boot, live-build, live-magic, or perhaps some other package
> > entirely).
> Sounds somewhat analogous to the case of debian-installer, which
> uses pseudopackage installation-reports as a "front desk" for bugs
> that have not been assigned to some specific component.

Right, but there are significant numbers of installation reports which
don't end up in bugs being filed, or require significant additional
research before the actual bug can be identified. That's not (yet?)
the case for the debian live project.
> For problems using the live-build scripts, live-build is the right
> package to file against. For problems (which may occur after boot
> time) with the supplied livecds, isn't something else appropriate?

Sure, but in those cases, you'd file a bug against that particular
package that was failing.

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