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Bug#544192: Building a case for the need for a debian-live pseudopackage

Don Armstrong wrote:

> Pseudopackages are used as a place for bugs which have no other home.
> In these cases, there is a specific home for the bug (live-boot,
> live-build, live-magic, or perhaps some other package entirely).

Sounds somewhat analogous to the case of debian-installer, which uses
pseudopackage installation-reports as a "front desk" for bugs that
have not been assigned to some specific component.

> From my perspective, it seems like one of live-boot or live-build
> could be the entry point for these bugs, and then they could be
> assigned to the appropriate package.

For problems using the live-build scripts, live-build is the right
package to file against.  For problems (which may occur after boot
time) with the supplied livecds, isn't something else appropriate?

> The name seems logical, but it means that from this point forward, no
> one will be able to create a package called debian-live.

That seems like an unfortunate limitation, but useful to keep in mind.

I suppose the ideal thing would be to rename http://live.debian.net to
live.debian.org and use that as the package name. :)

Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

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