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Re: Finished Spanish translation of live-config manpage

On 02/05/2011 06:09 PM, chals wrote:
> Hi everyone,


> - Requesting a review of the Spanish translation team.


> Well I'm pretty sure this is a good translation but if any member of the
> debian-live project team considers a review is compulsory, it is ok with
> me, only that the process can take approximately 10 days.

not needed, for translations, stuff can always be reviewed/refined.

i'll apply it to live-config soon, thank you very much. translation
stuff is much appreciated.

> I JUST CAN'T wait to start working on the live manual. The better my
> health is the less time I can devote to the task. Can any of you point
> me to where I can find it? Shall I take it from the git or what? Or take
> the html from the website?

best is if you take it from git, follow the advices here, see points
about translation:



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