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Bug#604783: needs to have entries for regular installer

On 01/26/2011 01:45 PM, Colin Watson wrote:
> As Philip pointed out, I fixed live-installer's RC bug (the one not
> tagged squeeze-ignore, anyway) in unstable in consultation with Marco
> Amadori, along with the progress bar issue.

thanks a lot, much appreciated.

> I don't know of anything
> else that would require live-installer to be dropped from squeeze.

i've reported all the bugs in the bts for it, the most annoying
outstanding issue is #607225.

#598182 and #608850 are not that sever.

> What needs to change to make sure live-installer is still included on
> the images?

as Ben relayed to #-boot, i've already did the changes, next daily-build
will have it.

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