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Re: How to use "--without-recommends" option for only one package in lb config?

On 21/12/10 09:33 PM, Duy Hùng Trần wrote:
> Hi,
> I can't find the name of those 2 packages, even when install
> gnome-system-tools, maybe they are just components, I have no idea.
> After installing gnome-system-tools we can run them with these commands:
> /usr/bin/users-admin and /usr/bin/time-admin.

You can use 'apt-file search' to find the package that a file is in.
They are both in gnome-system-tools itself, so it is pointless to try to
use pinning to try to prevent gnome-system-tools from being installed.
You would have to use negative pinning instead to prevent things it
recommends (or things its dependencies recommend) from being installed,
probably just gnome-control-center (which I can see with apt-rdepends
will drag in quite a lot of gnome stuff!)


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