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Re: How to use "--without-recommends" option for only one package in lb config?

On 21/12/10 03:06 AM, Duy Hùng Trần wrote:
> I don't install gnome or
> gnome-desktop-environment.

Not explicitly, but you probably do because of some chain of dependencies.

> gnome-system-tools includes many small applications, I just want to
> install 2 of them, they are graphical applications to manage
> users/groups and date/time. My machine has a minimal LXDE dekstop too, I
> installed these 2 applications successfully with "--without-recommends"
> option.

Yes, but by some other dependency chain leading from the tool packages,
it may be that a lot of gnome stuff is pulled in. Unfortunately, you
don't say *which* small applications you want, so I can't check that for


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