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Re: Re: Re: [SOLVED] Some issues with live-build 2.0.7-1 in ubuntu mode

I have verified the following:

1. When building in ubuntu mode usb-hdd image with debian-installer and live option for the d-i the boot parameter "cdrom-detect/try-usb=true" is NOT included in live.cfg in the syslinux directory. I think it should be there or else it tries to find the d-i files on the cdrom which is not there.

2. Persistence: In debian mode no problems even on ext4, fat32 - no abnormalities

in ubuntu mode: an ext4 partition with label "casper-rw" does work fine if the persistent parameter is gven. The live files can be on a fat32 or ext4 partition. Does not matter

If all the files (in the binary dir) are copied to an ext4 partition and then booted with grub2, the live system boots fine. Persistence does NOT work if a casper-rw file was created and resides on the ext4 partition with the live files.

I created the casper-rw as: dd if=/dev/zero of=casper-rw bs=100MB count=5; mkfs.ext4 -v -m0 -j -F casper-rw; in the usual way.

If the live files are copied to a fat32 partition then persistence works in all instances, files and partitions.
By live files I mean the casper, install directories.

The installer will not work if the live files are on an ext4 partition, but this is the same for debian mode.

Hope this is clear.

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