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Re: Please tell me how to login to the live system.

On 10/29/2010 01:13 PM, Robert Key wrote:
> lh config --packages "${EXTRAPACKAGES}" \
>         -b "usb-hdd" \
>         -a "i386}" \
>         -d "squeez" \

it should be 'squeeze', not 'squeez'.

>         --bootappend-live "boot=live debug locale=en_ZA username=robert
> timezone=Africa/Johannesburg utc=no quickreboot noapic

you need to update your boot parameters, see man live-config.

> bootfrom=removable-usb"\
>         --username "robert" \
>         --apt-options "--yes --allow-unauthenticated"

rest should be good. please fix above, rebuild from scratch, and report

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