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Re: Please tell me how to login to the live system.

More information.
I am using Ubuntu Maverick but I am building a Debian live system
mode debian and
I use the Debian testing archive squeeze.
my lh config looks like this

lh config --packages "${EXTRAPACKAGES}" \
        -b "usb-hdd" \
        -a "i386}" \
        -d "squeez" \
        --mirror-bootstrap "http://localhost/${REPOSITORY}" \
        --mirror-chroot "http://localhost/${REPOSITORY}" \
        --mirror-binary "http://localhost/${REPOSITORY}" \
        --mode "${MODE}"\
        --bootstrap "debootstrap"\
        --language "en_ZA"\
        --initramfs "auto"\
        --archive-areas "${SECTIONS}"\
        --security "false" \
        --source "false" \
        --volatile "false"\
        --verbose \
        --bootappend-live "boot=live debug locale=en_ZA username=robert timezone=Africa/Johannesburg utc=no quickreboot noapic bootfrom=removable-usb"\
        --username "robert" \
        --apt-options "--yes --allow-unauthenticated"

Versions used. I have tried the latest from debian (testing), these are lb instead of lh
and I have used the ones that come with Ubuntu Maverick.
they are live-build  2.0~a21-1 etc.
The version makes no difference.
Under lucid everything worked fine, auto login - everything.
  Rob Key

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