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Re: Please tell me how to login to the live system.

On 10/28/2010 02:06 PM, Robert Key wrote:
> Thanks for the help, I would really like the auto login to work though.
> I found when I boot the image using qemu -hda binary.img it does auto
> login and the user is set to robert. But when I use the exact same image
> on a memory stick, no auto login and the user has changed to
> localhost@localdomain. Maybe Ubuntu has messed things up.

Sounds like you're building your own images (presumably Ubuntu images?)
using debian-live.  First of all, please be aware that we support Ubuntu
on a best effort basis (i.e. we will try to fix what we can, but don't
use Ubuntu ourselves, so we make no guarantees it will work).

To help you further, we need to know:

What version of live-build (or live-helper) are you using to build your

And more importantly:

What version of live-config (or live-initramfs) is included *in* your


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