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Re: Please tell me how to login to the live system.

The solution i found is create a user using commnad adduser using chroot. But i agree auto-login is better option.


2010/10/28 Robert Key <rob54321@mighty.co.za>
Hi, I have been using live systems on usb memory sticks for a while now, but when Ubuntu Maverick came out everything seems to have changed.

When the live system boots, instead of logging in automatically, I now have to login.
My boot parameters are
the usual plus
boot=live username=robert live-media=removable-usb timezone=Africa/Johannesburg quickreboot utc=no

Instead of being robert@debianlive I get

Localhost@localdomain login:

I have read the manual and the live password does not work.
How can I login?
Thanks for your help.

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Marcos Henrique Esteves Barbosa

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